November 8, 2012

As holiday season approaches, our collaboration with Joomi Lim could not have come at a better time!

Allow us to introduce you, the exclusive capsule collection, by JOOMI LIM!

Ta da!

Read on to discover thoughts and inspirations behind these fabulous creations


We designed a small capsule collection for the Gold Digging project that shouts ‘Joomi Lim.’ This collection was inspired by Old Hollywood Glam & Punk Rock - uptown/downtown, nice/naughty & soft/hard. There is an unexpected mix of Swarovski Crystals & Lady like Pearls in rich gold and burgundy tones paired with edgy black spiky charms & burgundy titanium spikes which makes it very unique. We selected these colors for the Gold Digging collection because the palette feels very modern and not your typical palette of crystal and cream pearls!

This necklace is very Joomi Lim+Old Hollywood Glam. Our thing is very uptown/downtown, nice and naughty, so it only makes sense to combine the rich jewel tone gold and amethyst Swarovski crystals with our burgundy Titanium spikes. It’s being able to use technology and have the willingness to refine the beauty of its own. Glamour requires an appearance to be effortless, distant, slightly mysterious and somewhat idealized, but of course keeping it real with the modernized spike charm. We especially love these colors for the Gold Digging story because the gold and purple are very rich and has a 60’s Old Hollywood color palette


G.P. xx


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